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A woman comes into the office and asks for a copy of the most recent newspaper. I point to the stack on the rack next to my desk as she explains she works in human resources and would like to send a copy of the local newspaper to a candidate for an open position.

The woman looks at the paper, thanks me and turns to leave without paying.

“It’s 75¢,” I say politely.

“You’re going to charge me for this?” the woman asks. “You’re going to charge me to send this to a job candidate?”

My response: “Ummm, yeah.”

“I can’t believe this,” she says. Apparently not understanding my response, the woman paraphrases her first two questions and asks, “You’re going to charge me for a newspaper?”

“Well, yeah, we sell newspapers,” I explain. “That’s what we do.”


“I’ll have to go get my purse,” she snapped. “I’ll need a receipt for this.”

So I wrote a receipt. For 75¢.