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photo journal stuff

I’m starting a photo journal. Here’s how it’ll work: I’ll take a new photo every day. No exceptions; every single day. I’ll print the photo and glue it into my cool little handmade journal and then write some details about the photo. I’ll also post the photo to Flickr. I’m on day three. We’ll see how long this lasts. Pictured above are all my supplies…computer, printer, photo paper, journal, new pen, glue stick and always-in-the-way cat.

First entry



Had to make a Mrs. Dino.

dino done

He’s finished! Crazy-looking and very much handmade but kinda cute, I think. All he needs now is a little love.

My sewing technique is very primitive, so I’m pretty sure Mr. Dino will experience some future surgeries. This may be just the start of an epic journey…


I shrunk a nice sweater on accident so I decided to put it to good use as a plushie for my nephew. The dino is in pieces now but I’ll post a photo when he’s all finished. The design was highly inspired (not copied!) by this “protosaurus” I found through my masterful Google searching.