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 michael cogliantry

Awesomeness is Michael Cogliantry’s “Furry Kama Sutra”


 superman photo game

This game is flippin’ fantastic! What is it with superheroes being newspaper reporters/photographers? Superman, Spider-Man… Hmmm…maybe because newspapers are the best thing ever. Jeremy and Grant, you don’t see any radio superheroes, now do you? Print is better than radio.

ken richardson polaroid

I like Ken Richardson’s site and his polaroids.

 24 Hours of Flickr

I can’t wait!!

“To celebrate this global community, we invite you to join us in “24 Hours of Flickr” – a day-long global photo project. On May 5, 2007, grab your camera and whatever else you need, and chronicle your day in pictures. The group’s photos will be featured at Flickr events around the world this summer and in a companion book, which will contain a selection of photographs chosen from the group (more about this soon!).”

Especially since I just now realized I missed International Pinhole Camera Photography Day yesterday. Damn.

 daily palette

My new favorite daily-web-thing is The Daily Palette, a project by the University of Iowa to highlight the state’s artists – writers, painters, photographers, sculptors, video artists, etc. Something new everyday from someone in Iowa!

 foggy tree jpg

Another photo to vote for!

pulitzer winner

Breathtaking. This is the winner of the 2007 Pulitzer Prize for Breaking News Photography.

“Awarded to Oded Balilty of The Associated Press for his powerful photograph of a lone Jewish woman defying Israeli security forces as they remove illegal settlers in the West Bank.”

oxford project

Can’t wait to see The Oxford Project and hear photographer Peter Feldstein talk about his experience.

Explanation from the exhibit’s website:
“In the spring and summer of 1984, Peter Feldstein used a red marker to make a sign announcing that he wanted to take free portraits of everyone in Oxford, Iowa (pop. 673).
“Twenty-one years later, Peter set up his camera again. Some of the original residents had died and some had moved away, but a surprising number still lived in Oxford.”


New York Times

Smithsonian Magazine

dead fish
Vote for my photo, “dead fish in my yard,” to be published in the “Entropy” theme for the next JPG magazine.


Another photo made it to a museum show. Thanks for modeling, L and E. Sorry your face is cutoff, E.

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