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Make up. Make out. Makes me giggle.

Found this on the Webby Awards site. Someday I’ll get me a Webby award.  I’m looking for a co-conspirator.

 michael cogliantry

Awesomeness is Michael Cogliantry’s “Furry Kama Sutra”

Found via swissmiss.

 ny to london

Directions from New York to London. Read number 23. Easy enough.

miranda july

Check out this site for No one belongs here more than you. Stories by Miranda July.

Found on bblinks.

google internet

Free wireless Internet from Google! Every year they put so much energy into their April Fools jokes.

Go to Ze Frank’s site and read the “when public servants have a sense of humor” entry for March 29.

Ahhhh, nostalgia.


Fantastic pick your nose party cups.  Found at