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Reading this blog and about the women who write it makes me rethink the grad school possibility…


 chicago olympics logo

Chicago’s Olympic torch has been snuffed out by the International Olympic Committee.

Read the article in the Chicago Sun Times.

obama logo

Sweeeet! I’m in love with whoever made Barack Obama’s logo. There is so much symbolism in it – from the colors to the shape to the stripes. And most important, it’s easy remember. I like!

Update: Logo made by Sol Sender

battleship shirt

I love threadless for its awesome designyness and I love this Battleship shirt.

 best front design

Best Front Design picks a front page each day and names it the best, then explains why and offers room for comments.

bembo’s zoo

Unbelievably cool = Bembo’s Zoo.

(via swissmiss)

 design boner

Love the name, love the blog.

 flickr design collection

Found via swissmiss. This collection on flickr by Alki1 is a great resource for designers. Check out the woman’s profile – she’s seems v. interesting.

I’m hooked on the show with zefrank. The guy’s a genius. Here are some extra good episodes:

About design and ugly myspace pages – July 14

About creativity and confidence – March 12

About getting stuck in an airport – May 15

About being hungover – May 9

Ze Frank’s 2006 TED talk, here. Description:

Ze Frank rose to Internet fame in 2001 with his viral video How to Dance Properly, and has been a purveyor of imaginative online comedy ever since. His latest experiment, the show, is posted daily at In this performance, drawn from the TED2004 archive, he offers the signature blend of comedy, technology and social theory that made him our favorite philosopher comic. (Recorded February 2004 in Monterey, CA. Duration: 19:42)”

brand blogger

Found this blog, Brand Boggler, on another blog called Designers Who Blog. (And just set a record for the number of times I used blog in a sentence.) Brand Boggler has an interesting idea and I’m hooked:

“I’ve had an idea. Random Acts Of Designess (RADness). I’ll surf the internet, find a good cause that needs some help with it’s identity, or promotional material and offer my graphic design services for free. No better still, I’ll just do the work and send it to them, with an explanation of why and what I’ve done. So simple. Right, that’s it, I’m off to do my RADness. I’ll post back here when I’ve done the work and have some feedback from my Random Act of Designess…”

I want to drop everything and do some RADness.

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