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Ingrid Michaelson (Thanks, T!)

William Fitzsimmons

Paper Route

Tyler James

Jason Reeves


 michael cogliantry

Awesomeness is Michael Cogliantry’s “Furry Kama Sutra”

 chicago olympics logo

Chicago’s Olympic torch has been snuffed out by the International Olympic Committee.

Read the article in the Chicago Sun Times.

 superman photo game

This game is flippin’ fantastic! What is it with superheroes being newspaper reporters/photographers? Superman, Spider-Man… Hmmm…maybe because newspapers are the best thing ever. Jeremy and Grant, you don’t see any radio superheroes, now do you? Print is better than radio.

obama logo

Sweeeet! I’m in love with whoever made Barack Obama’s logo. There is so much symbolism in it – from the colors to the shape to the stripes. And most important, it’s easy remember. I like!

Update: Logo made by Sol Sender

ken richardson polaroid

I like Ken Richardson’s site and his polaroids.