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Wow, this site is a little (errr…a lot) depressing. Similar to Postsecret.

bembo’s zoo

Unbelievably cool = Bembo’s Zoo.

(via swissmiss)

Go to Ze Frank’s site and read the “when public servants have a sense of humor” entry for March 29.

Ahhhh, nostalgia.


Fantastic pick your nose party cups.  Found at


WTFCNN? blog found on swissmiss.


Another photo made it to a museum show. Thanks for modeling, L and E. Sorry your face is cutoff, E.

 postsecret exist

Listened to an interview with Frank Warren, the Postsecret guy, and now I really want to go to his lecture at ISU. (T & A…I’m coming!)

 365 set

I stumbled across this Flickr member last night and spent a couple hours flipping through her photos – mainly her 365 Days set – and reading her blog. She’s part of a Flickr group that requires the members to take a self portrait and post the photo every day for a year. Honestly, it puts my photo journal to shame but I am intrigued and inspired. Aaryn (flickr name: elladog) lives in San Diego and is a columnist. She claims to have no photo experience but her pictures suggest otherwise – they are incredible!